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One Sunday morning while sitting in the pulpit at Bethesda Temple Apostolic Church, under the leadership of Bishop Edwin H. Vaughn, the Lord began to speak to Elder Bullock concerning starting a work for Him.  As he opened his bible to the book of St. John 8:32 this passage of scripture just stood out..."And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."  It was at that moment that moment that the Lord had birthed into his spirit that the name of the church would be called Truth Apostolic.  And so it was after a couple years and a few transitions later that God had given him direction as to where to begin.

On October 15, 1989 Truth Apostolic had its first service in the school building located at 2050 N. Winter Street.  The charter members were:  Pastor & 1st Lady Bullock & children, Sister Ozzie Bullock, Sis Annette Malone, Sis Reoltha Shaffer, & Minister Leslie Smith.  Manon Bullock was the first soul to receive the Holy Ghost in that one room classroom church.  From there we began to experience gradual growth in membership.  We were surrounded by many other churches that were also in their infancy stage such as:  Pastor Sylvia Toney and the New Life Community Church, Elder Samuel Bradley and the Philadelphia Apostolic Church, Elder Jesse Russell and the Greater Mount Calvary Apostolic Church, Elder John Tyson and the Pentecostal Apostolic Church and many others.  So many different churches would assemble in that school building that we began to call it "Church Street".  We had many glorious times of worship there and enjoyed the saints of God.

We stayed at the school building for approximately four years until God opened up a door for us to move to a better location at 2051 Luett St.  We marched in the beautiful edifice in September 1993.  We were so grateful to have our own building to worship in.  During that tenure we baptized many souls in Jesus name and witnessed many receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  After 25 years of excellence in ministry Bishop Bullock passed the mantle to his son C DeWayne Bullock.  Under his leadership we quickly transitioned from Luett Street to having services at the Marott Hotel. 


After a few months God opened a door in January 2014 allowing us to move into a better facility at 1241 E 54th St.  With God’s favor and the mind of the people to work we were able to pay the mortgage off in December 2016.  A few months later we proudly celebrated our mortgage burning/building dedication with high praise & balloons releasing in the air.  In 2017 the Lord impressed upon pastor to align the name with the vision.  And so it was that Whole Man Ministry was birthed and launched heading into 2018. God is still continuing to bless us and add to the church such as should be saved. To God be the Glory!

Bishop Cornelius & Lady Bullock

Founders, Truth Apostolic

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